It’s not a secret: INSELBERG ❤️ models! And it is not just because we make a living with model bookings. Models are visually dazzling, we all know that, but here are 10 other reasons that intrigue us much more.


1. Models give even your most boring product a chance to be charming.

You know the mattress startups that pop up everywhere now? Mattresses are a tough sell. They all look the same. They all have the same product description. So much better when customer see that models can sit, lie and jump comfortably on the mattress. Emma, Casper, Eve and Bruno can turn any foam rectangle into an oasis of relaxation in no time.


2. Models teach us to be patient

Common situation: The model casting is from 9 AM to 5 PM. The clever model strikes at 8:45 AM. But, so typical, the queue already exceeds the hallway and ends halfway down the stairs. Smartphones out. Check Whatsapp. Put today’s mark on Snapchat. Chill. If you can learn one thing from models, it is to stay calm in long queues. So, next time you get caught in the wrong line at the supermarket be grateful that it’s not the line to a model casting.


3. Models wear the unwearable

Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens, Moncler: In haute couture, although inspirational and trend-setting, clothes are often prettier for the eyes than comfortable to wear. Thanks to great models, even Rick Owen’s “69” seems as easy to wear as a standard normcore t-shirt from American Apparel.


4. Models own social media

Any questions?


5. Mom gets a break: Models remind us to walk straight

“Kid, walk straight!” We all have this fond childhood memory of our mom.  Models however walk the walk – no talk. They are proof that Mom was right – geez, how elegant you look with your shoulders pulled back and your back pushed forward. 2 Chainz ‘ “Feds Watching” anyone?


6. Models show us the beauty of ethnic diversity

MJ sang it in 1991. Models show it everyday on catwalks and in magazines: People are beautiful, no matter where they come from. It don’t matter if you’re black or white.


7. Models bring clothes to life

What is Gigi Hadid without a roll neck sweatshirt by Tommy Hilfiger?


What is a roll neck sweatshirt by Tommy Hilfiger without Gigi Hadid?



8. Models master the art of understatement

With sweatpants and Adiletten to a casting? Standard! Models may look like a dream on the catwalk. But on the way to a show their appearance can be very different. Following the motto “H&M and stylist will confuse my whole appearance anyway” dressing down is a good way to get effortlessly through the work day. So, it’s not only patience, but also simplicity and calmness we can learn from models. One could say: Model are the Zen Buddhist of the fashion scene. Especially if you consider the great emptiness that is a facial-expression-must for any model walking down the catwalk.


9. Models teach us how to deal with rejection

“Unfortunately, the option is gone”. This sentence is in any model bookers standard repertoire. Model are so accustomed to this that no rejection can shock them. Smile, forget and on to the next one.


10. Models can sing praises about the big world

A photo shoot in Cape Town? A video shoot in Cuba? A runway show in New York? There is hardly a beautiful spot on this earth that a successful model has not visited. If you have too many days sitting in a grey office, you can always feast on the stories of well traveled models – and not least the resulting photos from their journeys