Cara Delevingne on Social Media? That’s ooold. We looked around and found 9 models worth following now. Though they lack the Cara-fame, they are most definitely on their way to it! Nice pictures are one thing. But these girls let you have a look behind their scenes.

Let’s go:

Gia (@gia_escobar) // Berlin // 25,1k Follower, 832 Posts

Gia belongs to Berlin like the Brandenburg Gate. She embodies the lifestyle of the Berlin City Girl. But that’s not enough for her. Now she’s internationally placed for campaigns like Maybelline NY and Bebe. Her profile showcases the model and the rockstar; both at the same time. That’s why we love you, Gia!


2. Samira (@samiramahboub) // Paris // 10,1k Follower, 801 Posts

Samira is like a dream from the fairy tale of 1001 nights. The half Moroccan, half German model is also performance artist within the arts group “SAMANIA”. The oriental beauty takes us on a trip to her roots. Her stories and pictures are an exotic trip to a thrilling world.


3. Marie (@marybiloa) // Berlin // 2k Follower, 129 Posts

Our sporty spice! Being a sport model and stuntwoman, just looking good is not enough; you gotta have it! And Mary got what it takes. Her broad selection of jobs is differing her from the pack. Watch Mary training with stars in LA, or doing Muay Thai in Thailand: Get inspired and motivated through her lifestyle.


4. Nina (@ninovitsch) // Berlin // 2.5k Follower, 378 Posts

The Eastern Bloc beauty! Not only her short hair, but also her edgy style and her flawless face fit the zeitgeist. Privet, Gosha Rubchinskiy! Being a fine arts student, she also showcases her pieces of art every now and then. Convince yourself of her talent – both as model and artist.


5. Tia (@tia.nguyen) // Berlin // 13.3k Follower, 285 Posts

Tia is an absolute eye-catcher. Blonde, tall, asian? Now that’s a mix! But no matter the hair color – be it blonde, grey, or black – Tia gets one job after the other (for example on INSELBERG where you can book her directly). Through these numerous jobs she has an incredible broad selection of beautiful portraits – and counting.


6. Alice (@alicemariemüller) // NYC // 11.2k Follower, 510 Posts

The girl from nextdoor with the endless long legs.
Sea, beach, desert, jungle, city, meadows, mountains – Alice is just everywhere and takes us with her on her wonderful tour around the globe. The model’s world of images is such an inspiration that we just like to travel south ourselves!


7. Teodora (@teodora.dju) // Berlin // 5k Follower, 411 Posts

Teodora is a pure all-rounder! She’s not only a versatile model, but an actress too. Fashionmodel? Check. Fitnessmodel? Check. Commercialmodel? Check. Not enough? Teodora also worked as designer in Paris, thus knows the industry from both sides, and is fluent in five languages (learning the sixth one).
She got it all. From white sandy beaches in paradise to red carpets in Cannes: Teodora’s channel is the opposite of boredom.


8. Frankie (@frankiemieles_) // Berlin // 30.7k Follower, 313 Posts

Frankie is focusing not only on photos. Long captions, varied postings or her recently launched YouTube Channel are expanding her repertoire. Thus, she let’s us have a look deep behind the curtains of her beautiful appearance. Being a hip-hop dancer on the side, she covers everything, from aesthetic shots to crazy pictures. And Frankie is to be booked right here.


9. Cheyenne (@cheyennetulsa) // Berlin // 7.3k Follower, 183 Posts

Cheyenne is rooted in Australia and the States, but – thank God – she is a Berliner now! Her pout is her trademark and a glance of her just wows you. Party pics with her girls stand next to shootings for Vogue and the like. Just magic everywhere. Her profile is a gallery to wallow.

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